Welcome: Discover the Buried Story of the Creator of Modern Franchising

Harper’s  franchising system empowered and enriched poor women, as well as herself!

Servant Girl Creates 500 Franchises Around the World

Bound out into servitude from the time she was seven years old, Martha Matilda Harper knew she had to change her life.

From Suffrage to Franchising

Susan B. Anthony while campaigning for suffrage cited Harper and encouraged every woman to have “her own pocketbook.”  Harper’s franchise system represented the economic emancipation of women.

Why Royalty & US Presidents Were Loyal to Harper 

Each shop was a classy retreat for the body and soul. Find out where these shops were located.

• Changing Lives Through Creative Business Know-How

  Learn why she created the first reclining shampoo chair. 

• Buried Business History –the Harper Story

History books forgot her.  Harper’s obituary was the clue that there was more.  Read her story.

Franchising-Changing the Lives of Poor Women

The word “franchise” comes from the French and means, “to free from servitude.”   Learn more about franchising here.

• Social Entrepreneurship –Turning Dollars Into Change

Join the discussion about how use business to do good, just like the Harper Method.

 Download Martha Matilda Harper’s Ten Commandments of Business Success, where you can learn Martha Matilda Harper’s tips and tricks to building a successful empire!


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