Dare to Make Your Dreams Come True

An orphan saved by the Harper Method

An orphan saved by the Harper Method

Stop bellyaching that life is unfair.  You are right.  We don’t all get dealt a good hand.  The question is what will you do about it?

In the 1800s when life was totally gloom and doom for poor women, Martha Matilda Harper had a dream, to break our of servitude and control her life as a successful businesswoman.  It took her nearly 25 years to get that opportunity, but she quickly seized .  She left Canada and immigrated to Rochester, NY.  She continued to work as a servant for another six years before she broke lose and penned a pioneering hair and skin care salon for women!  She applied her creativity and sensitivity to delight the customer, by designing the first reclining shampoo chair and sinks with a cut-out for the neck.  The ladies loved it.

If she could succeed, and ultimately go on to create modern retail franchising, which has transformed retailing, anyone can succeed.  Harper had 500 franchises around the world.

Recently, the last owner of Harper’s original shop (the Founder’s shop), Centa Sailer,  has died.  She was a German refugee after World War 2 who immigrated to Rochester with a determination to be a successful hairdresser.  Again, the Harper Method delivered her, as it did for thousands thousands of poor women.

There was Eunice Galloway Van Allystyne , a Harper training instructor in her uniform.  Harper’s niece took Eunice under her wing .  Eunice was an orphan in the Depression and Miss Ann allowed Eunice to pay off her tuition with earnings from her Harper job.nI love looking at this photo and remembering that anyone, including  an  orphan could succeed.  It takes running a business with heart.

Define your dream.  Make plans.  Prepare, and then wait for the opportunity.  Remember, luck is opportunity meeting preparation!


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