Remembering Outstanding Women

March is women’s history month.  I appreciate that at least women get a month a year, but, surely, it is time to realize women have and are making history every day.

As we all reflect on the tragic loss of life at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, I have been reminded that Marjory was an extraordinary lady herself.  Born just two years after Martha Matilda Harper opened her first healthy hair salon for women, Marjory lived a contrasting life of affluence  and opportunity compared to Martha.  She went to Wellesley College, and graduated in 1912, distinguishing herself as an a  rare college educated woman, only 23% of college graduates  were women back then.

Marjory  married in her twenties (Martha waited until her sixties).  Marjory wrote for what has become the Miami Herald (Her father was the publisher), and served abroad in World War I with the American Red Cross.  When she returned, she divorced (unlike Martha), took on various editorial roles, wrote novels, plays and nonfiction.  She used her  writing and oratory skills to become a  leading advocate for preserving the Florida Everglades and is credited by many for playing a critical role to save the Everglades.

Both Martha and Marjory stood up in different ways to passionately change lives and beliefs.  We need all kinds of women making a difference in world.  We honor you, Marjory.  Look what your students are doing,  inspired by you.

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