Martha’s Spirit and Wisdom Live On

As the world struggles with this pandemic, many of us are being overwhelmed by the negativity that surrounds us daily.  Thousands dying, thousands being afflicted, all adding up to millions.

Having been a fan of Martha’s for nearly 25 years, I often think about her and how she would respond.  She led her  entire world network of franchises through the Great Depression with not a shop closing.

Martha had a positivity about her, a determination to find alternative paths and approaches to difficulties.  Indeed, she demonstrated that positive attitude as she patiently worked as a servant for a quarter of a century, learning what she could (about pleasing people, healthy hair and skin care), and then seizing the moment when she could break free and launch her business.  Not satisfied with her own success, she went on to create  modern retail franchising, a new business model designed to help other poor women and to enrich both them and herself.

During the Great Depression she wrote about discontent.  She referred to it as the Gospel of Discontent and went on t call it constructive or wholesome discontent. “Constructive Discontent, is to me, a higher faculty of mind.  Through its force, women now occupy, as never before in history, positions of responsibility, usefulness and freedom.”

I call it Positive Discontent, an ability to acknowledge the difficult realities you face, but to refocus your lens on a plan of action to lead you beyond them.

How wise she was.  Now it is up to us to carry on.

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