Graduation Goals

As many students begin to graduate, they likely are asking themselves, “Where do I go from here?” At whatever level, inspiration and advice comes from Martha Matilda Harper.

  1. Have a Dream

For Martha, it was breaking her bondage of servitude and becoming economically independent. For students, likely economic independence is a goal, but what else? How might that happen?

2. Capitalize on Yours Assets

For Martha, it was both her servitude which taught her about delighting customers and the unique hair tonique formula that made her ravishing Rapunzel-like hair grow to the floor and gleam. For students, might it be your love of computers, games, summer job experience, baby or dog sitting? Your personality, vivacious able to easily outreach and connect to others , or introverted, able to work alone and focused. What do you know really well and how might you use that expertise to connect you to employment (summer, part or full time , or launching a business)?

3. Seize Opportunity

For Martha, the transformational opportunity was being gifted the hair tonique formula from her dying employer. For students, it might be hearing a speaker who addresses your passion, meeting someone who shares your interest or seeing a tweet that grabs your heart? It is not being aggressive to pursue these; it is purposeful outreach. The worst that can happen is nothing ; if you are rejected, you simply are exactly where you started. But, if you succeed, you are bringing benefit both to yourself and to your targeted contact. Which ever, you are honing your marketing antenna and skills.

4. Help Others

Whatever your interest and pursuit, if you simply help yourself, your success is only half accomplished. You must bring others along with you, by helping them through systematic or personal outreach. For Martha, it was her franchising system that allowed her to turn other poor women into franchisees, who could then economically empower themselves.

Remember when Martha was asked what the great success of the Harper Method was, she acknowledged her worldwide network of 500 shops generating a lot of money, but she said, “The great achievement of the Harper Method is the women it has made.” What will be your great accomplishment?

Go forward and achieve 2021 graduates!


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