Invite Jane Plitt to Speak

If you are inspired by the story of Martha Matilda Harper, a groundbreaking female entrepreneur, we invite you to share her story and innovations with your children, family, community, or colleagues.

Invite Jane Plitt, author of Martha Matilda Harper and the American Dream and a seasoned consultant, to coach your organization in social entrepreneurship and best business practices. For list of upcoming events to hear Jane, you can send her an email at

Jane was a keynote speaker at the University of Rochester, November 17, 2011, where she spoke about “Using Business for Social Change.”  Check it out here.  

Plitt was even invited to lecture on Martha Matilda Harper and the franchising model to businessmen and women in the Ivory Coast through the U.S. Embassy.

Read below on how the Harper story has resonated around the world:

Harper’s Franchises Inspire Ivorians

The U.S. Embassy in Abidjan, Ivory Coast sponsored a May 4, 2006 presentation for Ivorian businessmen and women at the new embassy. The talk was led by Harper biographer Jane Plitt in English. Not wanting to miss any detail, participants asked that the presentation be immediately translated into French, the local language.

The excitement among participants was palpable. They were inspired, indicating that if Harper could transform her life from servant to entrepreneur so could they. Many planned to pursue franchising and work with embassy personnel promoting information about such business development.

The Harper session was captured in words and photo and then posted on the U.S. Embassy website for the Ivory Coast. A copy of the Harper biography was given by Plitt to U.S. Embassy library for use by graduate students with the inscription, “Dare to dream and dare to make those dreams come true.”