About Jane Plitt: Author, Entrepreneur & Speaker

Jane in the pinkJane Plitt ran a thriving business consulting practice until she became enthralled with the story of Martha Matilda Harper. Plitt became a Visiting Scholar at the University of Rochester. Plitt spent six years criss-crossing the United States and Canada, knocking on doors of former Harperites and relatives to piece the story together. Without their warm welcome and storage of Harper records and memorabilia, the Harper story could not have been written.

Plitt has been a champion advocate for small business, women, and social justice. She was chosen by SAVVY magazine as one of fourteen outstanding women in New York State and by the U.S. Small Business Administration as a Small Business Advocate. She has authored articles and lectured internationally on creative marketing, economic development, entrepreneurship and women’s rights. Her blog, Turning Change Into Dollars,  spotlights how to use business for social change, just like Harper did.

A graduate of Cornell University, Plitt has an amazing family!

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