Women’s Equality Goes Beyond the Vote

September 2, 2020

business history

As our country has just commemorated the 100th anniversary of women finally getting the vote, we all recognize that women’s equality has a long way to go. Martha Matilda Harper (plus Susan B. Anthony and many suffragists) understood that women’s economic empowerment was essential for women to gain control over their lives.

Let’s be sure to vote and elect people who will support –

-Congressional extension of the time limits to pass the Equal Rights Amendment

-Equal pay for women with an eye to address why our world champion U. S. Women’s Soccer team is not being equitably compensated

-Quality child care

-Equitable tax and credit policies

-Meaningful health care policies for women

Together, we can build a society where we all work together for the betterment of all, just like Harper demonstrated could be done by:

– Turning poor women into productive roles, including as entrepreneurial franchise owners

-Encouraging children-friendly support including in shops

-Strengthening men and women’s good health through effective medical care for all and building on scientific know-how.


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