Women’s History Is Often Lost –Discover How Close We Came to Losing Martha’s Story

While women are allocated a month to get their women’s history out there, the real challenge is getting women’s history into mainstream history books and teaching everyone about women’s accomplishments and feats . Although women make up more than 50% of the populations, less than 20% of all English biographies are about real women. We know about the fictitious Superwoman, but what about the Hedy Lamarr , the brilliant actress who patented frequency hopping the technology needed for our GPS, cell phones, etc? She was not just a gorgeous face. It was Rosalind Franklin, the scientist who identified DNA molecule , but James Watson and Francis Crick who stole Franklin’s work, received a Nobel Prize for her work. Franklin was never credited . A Black female chemist Alice Ball was the first to discover how to treat leprosy, but her boss wrongly named the method for himself until Ball’s colleagues protested . On and on the list of unheralded women inventors and pioneers goes.

Were it not for the dedication of Martha Matilda Harper’s employees and franchise owners, and the persistence of myself, the Harper story would have been lost. Now you can share that story with others, to cheer up Harper’s accomplishments, but also to spread the understanding about how fragile women’s history has been. Enjoy a trailer for the Marvelous Martha, documenting how close we came to losing the inspirational story of Martha Matilda Harper, forgotten Rochester business pioneer. Share the full story with a group that needs uplifting. https://vimeo.com/690294897. Then email us about getting the documentary to share. marthamatildaharper1888@gmail.com


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