Bringing Women’s Stories to the Screen Is Vital

February 6, 2022

business history

History has a horrid track record for recognizing the women’s achievements. Whether purposeful or not, the truth is women have been artists, business pioneers, inventors, creative thinkers and much more. Martha Matilda Harper’s story, bury for decades, is now being brought to life on the screen. It’s called The MARVELOUS MARTHA. There are two opportunities, on in person at the Manatee Performing Arts Center on Feb. 23 at 4 PM and the other is to view the documentary remotely via the Sarasota film festival Through Women’s Eyes on March 10-14 .

Men and women, boys and girls, need to know women are brilliant, too. By viewing the Harper story, it’s a motivator to right/write what’s left out of history books, to be inspired to dare to dream and do good just as Harper did, and finally to learn from the brilliance of such women. It’s not rocket science; it is simply salt of the earth reality. Enjoy Harper’s story, but know it took six years and nearly two decades to get Harper known and barely acknowledged. The challenge is to include women and others when the history books are first written.

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